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Makeblock Ultimate

Ultimate 2.0

The Ultimate 2.0 is an advanced programmable robot kit comprising more than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules for 10 custom robots and many more maker projects. Compatible with the maker platform and Arduino, the kit lets your imagination take flight. The sky really is the only limit! Ideal for robot enthusiasts, build exciting projects with this kit and experience the joy of turning your ideas into reality.

AGE: 12+ Years
10-in-1 programmable robot kit: Empowering creativity

Equipped with the powerful MegaPi main control board, Ultimate 2.0 makes the implementation of high-order functions a piece of cake. Think: synchronous drive and control of multiple motors and servos, sensor reading, Raspberry Pi communication and connection to high-power encoder motor driver boards. MegaPi has excellent motion control performance and is easily expanded, allowing you to build robots capable of carrying out complex functions like 3D printing, or even more difficult applications. With it, the door to the world of Making stands wide open for you.

Easy transition from graphical programming to Python programming

Combined with the block-based programming software, Makeblock App and mBlock 3, Ultimate 2.0 allows you to simply drag and drop the function blocks to program your commands step by step, making the programming experience tangible and fun. Ultimate 2.0 is also compatible with Arduino, and can be connected to a Raspberry Pi, meaning you can build yet more interesting projects, in different programming languages, and achieve even more powerful robotics.

Product Features
  • Ten building forms will meet all your need for different application scenes

  • Great for learning robotics, electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming and Python programming

  • Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot design brings an easy way of building the robot

  • Three powerful encoder motors enable you to feel every step of the robot

  • Wirelessly control your robot with smart devices through Bluetooth connection.