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Coding to Concepts
Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Project based live coding classes. See Demo

Personalized Teaching

Personalized Teaching

1 teacher per student

Code Your Own Bot

Code Your Own Bot

FREE Robot to practice coding



Get STEAM Certified in 3 months

About Coding to Concepts Program

Did you know that Coding can help your child in learning, from the Solar System to the Laws of Motion?
Makebot's Coding to Concepts Program is one of a kind course where students get to decipher classroom concepts while they learn Coding. With Coding to Concepts, students engage in hands-on experience, practical projects and application-based building. Each student is provided with a robotic kit to practice coding. Not only that, students get introduced to a variety of sensors and are encouraged to build their own robots.

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced Problem-Solving Capabilities

Enhanced Problem-Solving Capabilities

Fosters Creativity

Fosters Creativity

Promotes Critical Thinking

Promotes Critical Thinking

Develops Resilience

Develops Resilience

Encourages Collaboration


Why Hands On Learning?

Makebot offers its experiential learning program for students so they learn while developing skills that open up the best future prospects for them. The hands on learning programs encourage students to think outside of the box, and persuade them to experiment and explore the problems, tools, and substances they’ll work with regularly. This enables students to learn Coding in a way that they are able to apply their learnings to their daily-life.

Hands on learning helps student:

  • Apply knowledge to real life problem solving.
  • Application of coding with STEAM
  • Explore the world with innovation on gadgets
  • From just consumers to creators

Explore Our Courses

This program is for children of age group 4-7 years. It engages students with skill based experiential learning, where students learn basics of life-skils including motor skills, instruction handling, colors, light, gestures, behavioral, expressions etc.

Key Highlights:
  • All students receive their personal STEAM Kits worth 14,990*
  • It's a parent-child collaboration classroom – for that strong bond between you two.
  • Certification for both – Team building
  • Children learn to understand multiple instructions and responses.
  • Able to communicate through expressions, signs, directions and sentences
  • Become more receptive and creative

Creative coders program is a specially curated by technology experts and academicians from renowned institutions, that focuses on fundamentals of coding. Children learn core coding techniques with integrated classroom concepts. This program exposes children to real world coding, core concepts and applications of coding on physical machines including robots, IOT & AI devices.

Key Highlights:
  • Learn core concepts of coding languages & its applications
  • Work with STEAM kits to understand how machines behaves, with coding
  • Create core applications & games using core coding concepts
  • Children will be proficient with coding language and logic building
  • Will be able to correlate real word problems and concepts with coding
  • Build a strong foundation with coding, apps and games creation

  • Individual Classes
    1 Teacher / Student
  • Group Classes
    1 Teacher / 6 Students

This program fuels the creativity and entrepreneurial drive inside the children. It allows children to think of solution(s) for a problem, with the input of technology. This is an outcome driven program which introduces children to the latest technologies, like web & mobile apps, artificial intelligence suites and machine learning. Children can create their own business models, targeting a problem, with the use of technology and lay the foundation of their own company.

Key Highlights:
  • Children who want to create their own start-up
  • Passionate about their idea and want to use technology to build solutions
  • Excited about learning latest technologies/tools on web, mobile, AI & ML
  • Children will be able to learn role of technology to build a tech-startup
  • Built an idea around a problem-solution from real world
  • Set a foundation stone for a start-up

Demo Class Video


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