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About MakeX

MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology. It aims at building a world where STEAM education is highly appreciated and where young people are passionate about innovation by engaging them in exciting Robotics Competition, STEAM Carnival, etc. As the core activity of MakeX, the namesake MakeX Robotics Competition provides exciting, challenging and high-level competitions in the spirit of creativity, teamwork, fun and sharing. It is committed to inspiring young people to learn Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A) and Mathematics (M) and apply such knowledge in solving real-world problems.

Our Spirits

MakeX spirit is the cultural cornerstone of MakeX Robotics Competition, which inspires young people to acquire new skills, improve teamwork, gain memorable experiences in the competition, share their insights and knowledge with their community so as to achieve their grand aspiration of changing the world and shaping the future!


Explore new ideas and new skills, use creativity and innovative thinking to overcome real-world challenges.


Have open communication with partners, work together towards a common goal and complete a task in the most efficient way for win-win development!


Enjoy the fun and excitement in head-to-head competition and problem-solving process.


Have an open mind as a “Maker”, share the joy, insights and experience with others.

MakeX Features

Innovative Programs

Develop your skills and knowledge by participating in MakeX through high end hardware and software content. Innovate your ideas and give them a shape.

Spectacular Competition

MakeX is a high-level competition that requires “out of the box’ thinking. Inspire your enthusiasm through collaboration, creativity, sharing and intense robotics challenges.

International Competition

Add another crown to your existing capabilities!! Your gateway to acquire new skills and a platform to exchange ideas encouraging an overall growth.

Comprehensive Courses and Training

Attend MakeX workshops and go through several challenging tasks to hone your skills further.

Advanced Judge System

Online judging system to maintain transparency and easy access to data. At every step you know where you stand.

Professional Competition Kits

Access to advanced kits with multiple sensors. Assemble and code to demonstrate desired output

2018 MakeX World Championship Recap

News & Events

Power Of Steam In Future

  • Admin
  • 22 DEC 2018

STEAM education- known for its focus on science, technology, engineer, arts and math’s. It’s a new term in the Indian educational sector.

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Expands the Minds of Mentors

  • Admin
  • 5 JAN 2019

“MakeX offers opportunity to expand the minds of mentors, family and children, to visualize the future that is approaching us & be prepared for it.

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The Best Part of MakeX

  • Admin
  • 14 JAN 2019

Mr. Ke, an experienced STEM teacher at Shenzhen KOREI Education, is mentor of the Champion team in 2018 MakeX

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