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What is STEAM Lab

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.The STEAM lab’s curriculum is an extension to the existing School program and it includes hands-on activities that emphasize the application of scientific concepts as we experience them in our daily lives.

Objectives of STEAM Lab
  • Build Student’s Knowledge using STEAM and Coding

  • Instill the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation in your students

  • Enhance the student’s creativity through building innovative projects

  • Engage in activities and competitions at national & international level

  • Improve team building and collaboration among students

Benefits to your Institution

  • Interactive learning through Robotics, AI & IOT
  • New age skill development for educators
  • Adopt interdisciplinary & transdisciplinary pedagogy
  • Build 21st century curriculum as mainstream
  • Introduce gamified way of learning
  • Knowledge transfer by subject matter expert

Benefits to Student

  • Hands on experience
  • Certified training program
  • Programs aligned to curriculum
  • Innovative project submission
  • Access to digital portal
  • Exposure to International competition

What We Provide
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STEAM lab Setup

MAKEBOT STEAM Lab is a setup within the School ICT/Lab which is integrated in the existing curriculum framework. It Consists of grade wise STEAM based products

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In-curriculum Program

Makebot offers a complete learning solution from Grade 1 – Grade 10, which is integrated within the ICT timetable and classes are held throughout the year. We offer curriculum, tutorials, learning resources, hand-outs, worksheets, PPT, online classes, assessments, trainer manual, teacher’s manual, teacher’s handbook etc

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After School Program

To offer learner’s the opportunity to hone their skills better in Robotics, after school classes are arranged within the school premises.
Short Term duration courses are conducted and classes are held once a week for interested students to pursue their love for the subject.

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Teachers Training

We at Makebot conduct teacher/mentor training, where we train them on Robotics, AI & IOT. We enable them to conduct smooth execution & implementation of classes by aiding them with trainer manual, video for reference & access to digital portal. We bridge the existing gap & help them to be techno native learners. We encourage them to mentor teams for various National & International level competitions.

STEAM Experiences for Next Generation Learning

The Preschool STEAM Experience

The Preschool STEAM Experience set a strong foundation for Next Generation Learning and helps Early Childhood educators integrate more STEAM into their everyday classroom and preschool curriculum . Research shows that successfully early childhood education focuses on learning through play. Teaching should meet the physical, linguistic, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of children.

Makebot Early learning Solutions are designed to inspire Children’s curiosity and Imagination through coding, cultivating their emotional intelligence through play. It encourages child-initiative learning by offering open-ended activity packages integrating learning areas from math, to music, and art. This enables kids to adapt to classroom environments.

AGE: 4 - 5 Years
The Primary School STEAM Experience

The Primary STEAM Experience continues the STEAM experience past the early years. As kids grow so does their thinking and curiosity. Learn how to foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication for the Next Generation.

The primary education is the first stage of formal education. Primary school encourages creativity and help children acquire literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. Makebot Primary Education Solutions are designed to build Children’s interest in science, cultivate their skills through coding projects, enrich their vocabulary, and enhance their analytical problem – solving skills.

AGE: 6 - 10 Years
The Middle School STEAM Experience

The Secondary education is responsible for promoting student’s development in adolescence, the most rapid phase of physical, mental, and emotion growth. Secondary education includes the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Makebot Secondary Education is designed to develop students higher – order thinking and coding skills. It includes well equipped teaching resources and elaborates programming projects.

Our Core Program
  • Learning Resources for Teachers, Educators and Students

  • Turnkey Package for Lab Setup

  • Get Trained by Professional and Certified Trainers

  • International Robotics Competitions

  • Annual Qualification Examination and Assessment.

  • On-Campus Workshops or Certification

AGE: 11 - 13 Years
The High School STEAM Experience

Makebot Senior Education offers hands-on experience that increases the ability to grasp critical scientific concepts.

Program Features
  • Build Your Own Robot

  • Focus on Mechanics & Coding

  • Interactive Machines

  • Real life innovative projects

AGE: 14 Years Onwards

Choose Your Program

  • Pragram 1 STEAM Lab

    (L1 & L2)

    • Grade : 1st& 2nd
    • Kits Sharing : 1:3
    • Culmination : Certificate
    • Curriculum : Activity Based
    • Per session Duration : 45 min
    • Session per year per class : 18
  • Pragram 2 STEAM Lab

    (L3 & L4)

    • Grade : 3rd& 4th
    • Kits Sharing : 1:3
    • Culmination : Certificate
    • Curriculum : Coading & Projict
    • Per session Duration : 45 min
    • Session per year per class : 18
  • Pragram 3 STEAM Lab

    (C1 & C2)

    • Grade : 5th& 6th
    • Kits Sharing : 1:3
    • Culmination : World Championship
    • Curriculum : STEAM Activities
    • Per session Duration : 60 min
    • Session per year per class : 22
  • Pragram 4 STEAM Lab

    (A1 & A2)

    • Grade : 7th& 8th
    • Kits Sharing : 1:3
    • Culmination : World Championship
    • Curriculum : Interdisciplinary
    • Per session Duration : 60 min
    • Session per year per class : 22
Program Features
  • Develop 21st Century Skills

  • One-time setup, No-recurring cost

  • No extra cost for competitions – ISPL, World Championships

  • Multiple team participation from school

  • In-curriculum program, benefit all students

  • International exposure through World Championships

  • Completely managed program under maintenance contract

Steam Programs With Lab

Makebot offers in-curriculum STEAM programs for schools to adopt experiential learning as mainstream education. STEAM programs are linked to current curriculum of st schools across various international & Indian boards. These programs help school develop 21 century skills in form of project-based learning, enquiry-based learning and through collaborative learnings.

  • One Stop Solution - Since it’s a 360 degree solution to incorporate experiential learning in classrooms, Makebot provide all resources in form of soft copies along with STEAM kits. This program includes following

  • Digital Curriculum - Specially design interdisciplinary curriculum, lesson plans, text books for children, teacher’s manual, worksheets, journals, evaluation guide.

  • Digital Content – Smart class presentations, video-based content as reference, digital application to deploy & monitor STEAM content

  • Training – Train the trainer, on demand Learning, self-training guide

  • STEAM Kits – For individual students or on sharing basis, to be placed in ICT/STEAM lab

  • Championships – Students get direct entry into various national and world championship including Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) and MakeX.