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Indian STEAM Premier League

Indian STEAM Premier League

Indian STEAM Premier League is a competition-based format which develops and evaluates 21st century skills of child through a year-long journey. ISPL is a multi-level league where students go through numerous rounds of evaluation including STEAM Aptitude test, STEAM projects and championship events. ISPL recognizes participating students & mentor at each level with scholarships, certifications and world trips.

ISPL Philosophy

Todays education is focused around the quote of Herbert Spencer – “Survival of the fittest” based on Charles Darwin’s theory. Since healthy competitions are integral part of our educational journey, very few works towards developing skills. Aligning itself with same philosophy, Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is the only competition in India which brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) as a learning pedagogy across all grades and develop 21st century skillsets in a healthy competition league.

ISPL Vision

To create an ecosystem of learners and educators towards gamified education which will help students build 21st century skills and help them become global citizens.

ISPL 2020

Student Registration

Student has to signup on for ISPL 2020 using the School / Franchise Registration Code.

Student to Pay INR 1000 for signup towards online registration and quiz(two attempt of quiz will be valid).

Students will recieve login details upon registration and a unique student registration ID number.

International STEAM Olympiad School Registration
International STEAM Olympiad School Registration
School Registration

School have to register on and become a yerly member. For chain of schools, each school has to register separately.

A unique code will be generated for indivisual schools which will be used for student registration.

Registration fee of INR 2000, will be charged per school for yearly membership.

Steam Champions

Who are the STEAM Champions?
  • STEAM champions are those students who will score 100% in their online STEAM test.
Benefits of STEAM Champions
  • STEAM champions will get the discount on ISPL 2020 Regional Championship registration amount
  • STEAM champions will get a ISPL Champion Batch from ISPL Committee
  • The ranking in ISPL 2020 National will be dependent on the Online Score.
Who can participate?
  • Students from age group 7 to 18 years can participate in online STEAM test
  • Students have to register under School/Franchise
  • In order to improve your STEAM score, you can take the test again by paying Rs. 2000. This amount has to be paid everytime you want to take the test .
Syllabus for Coding:
  • Scratch Programming is for all age group attempting the STEAM Olympiad.
  • Python Programming is for the age group 13 to 16 years old.

Social Innovation

  • Every Team will be given the online portal. Students can login using your user id and password.
  • Teams have to create a video of one innovation which they have done on the ISPL social community site and earn likes.
  • Based on the number of likes, weightage will be defined and teams will score points which will be added into their ranking.
  • Teams are required to promote only one video across the community.
  • There is max of 5 marks for Social Innovation.
  • Allotment of marks is subject to the maximum number of likes received on the video.

Asked Questions

Registration will start from 15th Jan 2020.
For the online test students must need computer/laptop and internet connectivity.
a. Registration fee of INR 2000 will be charged per school for yearlong membership.
b. Joining kit will be provided from ISPL Committee.
Registration will be closed before the one week of Regional Competition.
ISPL will provide all the required study material and online training support.
Makebot will train the franchise trainers on all the aspects of ISPL 2020. Further, that franchise has to manage training part of that respective region.
Technical trainer with sound coding background.
Franchise has to tie up with schools and partners, provide training and organizing local competitions.
Students can register on by using respective school code / franchise code.
Students have to pay INR 1000 for who attempts of online STEAM test.
Student registrations are open from 15th Jan 2020.
Registration will be close before one week of regional competition.
In order to improve your score you can seat for the online STEAM test multiple times.
Makebot will appoint only one franchisee for a particular region. Franchisee can register on by filling the required details.
Yes, proper guidelines, judging system and basic support will be provided from Makebot.
Franchisee can be block for the one particular season (Season 2020)