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Indian STEAM Premier League(ISPL)

Indian STEAM Premier League is a competition-based format which develops and evaluates 21st century skills of child through a year-long journey. ISPL is a multi-level league where students go through numerous rounds of evaluation including STEAM Aptitude test, STEAM projects and championship events. ISPL recognizes participating students & mentor at each level with scholarships, certifications and world trips.

ISPL Philosophy

Indian education is focused around the quote of Herbert Spencer – “Survival of the fittest” based on Charles Darwin’s theory. Since healthy competitions are integral part of our educational journey, very few works towards developing skills. Aligning itself with same philosophy, Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is the only competition in India which brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) as a learning pedagogy across all grades and develop 21st century skillsets in a healthy competition league.

ISPL Vision

To create an ecosystem of learners and educators towards gamified education which will help students build 21st century skills and help them become global citizens.

ISPL School Community

School community consist of STEAM CHAMPIONS. STEAM champions are the ones who represent school at National level. STEAM Champions will be given an opportunity to organize events in school, publish articles, and get exciting prizes for various activities and posts.

Student Registration for ISPL
  • Procedure to ISPL Student Registration
  • STEP 1: Student’s from registered school to sign up for ISPL 2020 using the school registration code.
  • STEP 2: Student’s to pay INR 1000 (INR 3500 for signup after 15th Dec 2019) towards one-time registration charges for ISPL 2020, valid for complete season
  • STEP 3: Student’s will receive login details upon registration and a unique student’s registration ID number.
  • NOTE
  • Students from grade 5 to grade 10 can only register for ISPL 2020.
  • Only school students can participate. Individual entries are not permitted.

How to become ISPL registered school?
  • Procedure to ISPL School Registration
  • STEP 1: Schools to register for ISPL and become life time members. For chain of schools, each school has to register separately.
  • STEP 2: A unique code will be generated for individual schools which will be used for student’s registrations
  • STEP 3: Registration fee of INR 2000 will be charged per school for lifetime membership.

STEAM Champions

It’s a two-step qualication process where one student from each grade, per school will be selected and recognized as STEAM Champion of the school.

  • STEAM Champion will be recognized by the ISPLbody and felicitated at a national platform

  • STEAM Champion’s tenure will begin with academic session April 20-21 and end by Dec 20-21.

  • Across all ISPL Schools, best STEAM champion will be selected and awarded scholarships.

  • Scholarship amount pool for ISPL2020 is worth INR 1 Crore.



It’s a two-step qualication process where one student from each grade, per school will be selected and recognized as

  • STEP 1 : Registered ISPLstudents to appear for an online Quizathon which will be conducted in school and STEAM quotient of every child would be evaluated. Mock tests for same will be available on ISPLportal.

  • STEP 2 : Shortlisted students from online Quizathon have to submit a video essay (2-5mins). Topic will be shared individually. Final list of selected students will be published and they will be recognized as STEAM Champions representing their respective schools from individual grades (1 student per grade, per school, Grade 5 to 10 ).

Round 1

  • Online Quizathone
  • It is a Multiple Choice questions set. It consists
  • of STEAM, English and GK based Questions
  • Test Duration: 30 mins
  • No.of Questions: 30
  • Shortlisted students will go to Round 2

Round 2

  • Video Screening
  • The students have to record a 2 minute video
  • using their creative minds on the given STEAM
  • topics
  • Grade wise short-listed students will become the
  • STEAM Champions of the school.
Role of STEAM Champions

Represent School at national level and will also get an opportunity to organize events in school, publish articles, and get exciting prizes for

  • Single point of contact for all STEAM activities in school conducted by ISPL

  • Spread awareness about STEAM education in society

  • Create opportunities for students to showcase their skills at various levels

  • Closely work with school coordinators, industry experts and become part of the ISPLcore team

  • I nvited for 1 day training session and opportunity to join India STEAM Champion’s Society

Benefits and Learning – STEAM Champions
  • Win competition kits for ISPL

  • Enhance leadership and 21st century skill set

  • Rewards, recognition, scholarships, international exposure, industry recognitions

  • Opportunities like internship with ISPLand corporates to be extended for suitable candidates

  • Invited to attend workshops on STEAM, participation in events by invitation

  • Act as a brand ambassadors of STEAM from respective schools

Who can participate?
  • Any student from ISPLregistered school can participate, from grade 5 to grade 10 only

  • Students can participate from any Indian or International board schools.

  • ISPL2020 is a seasonal registration which will be valid across calendar 2020 event. No further registration to any ISPLevent will be required

  • Students who join ISPLafter 15th Dec 2019 will not be eligible to participate in STEAM Champions Quizathon

  • Registration fee per student is INR 1000 upto 15th Dec 2019 after that it will be INR 3500 per student for participating in all the other Championship leagues offered by ISPL2020.

  • Act as a brand ambassadors of STEAM from respective schools

ISPL National Championship League
2020 (Apr ‘20 – Aug ‘20)

  • STEP 1: ISPL members will straightaway qualify for to National Championship League (No further registration required)

  • STEP 2: Teams can be formed with two students or individual student can participate for National Championship League

  • STEP 3: Team names to be registered at ISPLportal and competition kits to be purchased from school

  • STEP 4: Teams to prepare for in-school competition which will be conducted by ISPL & STEAM Champions

Three Levels
  • REGIONAL (Knockouts)-
  • NATIONAL (Knockouts)

ISPL World Championship League
2020 (Aug ‘20 – Nov ‘20)

  • STEP 1: ISPL members to form a team (as individuals or 2 students) and register at ISPLportal.

  • STEP 2:: ISPL members to purchase competition kits (MakeX 2019 teams can use same kits in World Championship 2020)

  • STEP 3: Teams to practice and participate in regional competition followed by national and world championship.

Four Levels
  • In-School (No elimination)
  • State (Knockouts)
  • Regionals (Knockouts)
  • National League Championship

Benefits to Schools

STEAM ranking for schools

Recognition at Global Platform

Certified Trainings For Students & Mentors

STEAM Workshops in Schools

Free Competition Kit and Arena

Special Invites for World STEAM Championships

21st Century Skill Development Programs.

School Marketing and branding

Overall Development of Students