"Although kids believe that all robots are transformers, a robot can be as simple as a mechanical device that replaces human effort."

There are three essential parts to a robot:

  1. The ability to sense – For example: touch sensors, chemical sensors, pressure sensors, color sensors, etc.
  2. The ability to understand and process information (like our brain does).
  3. The ability to move or react as the human brain tells us to.

Why you need a Robot?

Simply Fun

Right from building your own robot all the way to learning how to program it, the journey is filled with loads of fun. One can always start with basic level predefined programs and later on upgrade their skills by learning and modifying these programs with graphical programming.

Helps In Collaboration

Students will learn the important values of team work through the distribution of responsibilities and tasks, the creation of instruction plans, the achievement of respective goals etc. With these robots, their motivation will skyrocket and their creativity will become limitless.

Your Companion

Learn to talk to them (via programs), make them understand your environment (via sensors), make them follow your instructions (get a glass of water from the kitchen) – all with simple programs.

Your Teacher

This robot can impart knowledge on the technical aspect of robotics through programming and help students learn the mechanical aspect of robotics through the construction process as well.

Makebot Robotic Kits help you learn