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Be Our Mentor

Access to advanced kits with multiple sensors. Assemble and code to demonstrate desired output

Mentoring is the most critical aspect of the MakeX World Championship. Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines who work with students to share their knowledge and guide them through the season. Come onboard and nominate yourself for the best mentorship award, prizes and International acumen.

Mentor Roles
  • Guide the team on the entire MakeX championship journey in building and coding the robot
  • Motivate and engage students in MakeX activities
  • Assist the team in preparing a financial planning/budget for the MakeX season.
  • Create open communication within the team
  • Help with the time management for team
  • Empower the mentee to develop their own strengths and personal attributes
Who Can Be a Mentor?
  • A person above 18 years of age who brings Technical / Non- technical expertise to the team
  • A person who can provide experiential learning to their mentees.
  • Willing to communicate and bring out the specialized interest in Technology and other fields.

MakeX Features

Innovative Programs

Develop your skills and knowledge by participating in MakeX through high end hardware and software content. Innovate your ideas and give them a shape.

Spectacular Competition

MakeX is a high-level competition that requires “out of the box’ thinking. Inspire your enthusiasm through collaboration, creativity, sharing and intense robotics challenges.

International Competition

Add another crown to your existing capabilities!! Your gateway to acquire new skills and a platform to exchange ideas encouraging an overall growth.

Comprehensive Courses and Training

Attend MakeX workshops and go through several challenging tasks to hone your skills further.

Advanced Judge System

Online judging system to maintain transparency and easy access to data. At every step you know where you stand.

Professional Competition Kits

Access to advanced kits with multiple sensors. Assemble and code to demonstrate desired output

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