Why parents need to build the Immunity Quotient of their Children?

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As a parent, the health of your child is always of utmost importance to you. The child’s quality of life is directly related to one’s immunity, good health and physical abilities. [1]

Healthier students create healthier communities

How it helps children [2]

  • Better school participation
  • Healthier and positive attitudes
  • Development of cognitive behavior & student competencies such as:
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Decision making
    • Leadership skills

How it helps you [3]

  • Reduced work absenteeism attributed to child sickness
  • Reduced cost of child medical care

Build the Immunity Quotient (IQ) of your children

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Health is an important part of overall development of the student as comprehensive school health can effectively improve both health and education outcomes, and help students to be healthy, lifelong learners. [4]

"Healthier Students Are Better Learners." - Charles Basch [5]

5 factors boost the immunity of an individual [6]

  • Staying up to date on vaccination
  • Staying physically active
  • Having a regular sleep schedule
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Focusing on nutrition

Adolescents and Infections [7]

Adolescents are at increased risk for some vaccine-related preventable diseases due to age-specific, environmental and biological factors.
Closed contact with others, missed childhood vaccinations & waning of immunity makes children at increased risk of some vaccine preventable diseases.

Respiratory infections: A substantial burden to children in India

  • 43% - 49% students reported symptoms of respiratory tract infections [8]
  • Bacteria that cause pneumococcal disease is carried by 24% - 49% healthy children in community [9]
  • Children in India continue to have a high prevalence of middle ear infection (otitis media) at 8 years age [10]

Impact of respiratory infections on students & parents

Impact on Students


Missed school days due to illness [11]


Hospitalization in serious cases of lung infections for 6 days. [12]


Negative impact on daily activities, disturbed sleep, decreased food intake. [13]

Impact on Parents & Families


Possibilites of spreading the disease to community [14]


Cost of medical care [15] (Average Rs. 32,000) [16]


48% parents absent from work [17]

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