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Robotics Lab Inauguration

Robotics Lab Inauguration

Robotics Lab inauguration 2019 – "City Convent School" Khatima

Robotics/ AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lab is a Lab Setup in the School itself which will be integrated with the academic structure. It will enhance the technological aspect brings the change into the students. Realising the pivotal role of technology in the world and fully understanding the need to adopt technology as a part of the school environment, the "City Convent School" at Khatima envisioned a Robotics lab for the students. Technology upgrades only when students innovate and apply their learning to seek solutions to real life problems. Makebot encourages hands-on projects through "Project Based Learning methodology" and to help students in implementing applications on the robot in a step-by-step manner, guiding them through the various steps in the project.


"City Convent School" Khatima


Aug 2019