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The 100 Innovative Schools Award celebrates and honors the excellence and diversity of educational institutions all across India that have achieved greatness by making major contributions to the field of education.

Millions of kids' lives have been changed, and these organizations have left their imprint by inspiring them to succeed. The 100 Innovative Schools Awards honor their true spirit.

Seal of Excellence

The award is the pinnacle of recognition for educational quality, dedication, and innovation for institutions that are strengthening the nation's educational system and laying the foundation for a better and brighter future.

Nationwide Recognitions

We strive to make your magnificent establishment a household name. Your quickest route to national fame, glory, and brand recognition is to win this esteemed award. This prestigious honor is a one-of-a-kind award for you or your organization. It declares you the finest in your category in the competition.

Diverse Catagories

The purpose of the 100 Innovative Awards is to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding educational institutions, academics, and other organizations that support education and make our nation proud. This campaign encourages the true doers to do even better than before by promoting them.