What Is STEAM Lab?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.The STEAM lab’s curriculum is an extension to the existing School program and it includes hands-on activities that emphasize the application of scientific concepts as we experience them in our daily lives.

STEAM Programs With Lab

Makebot offers in-curriculum STEAM programs for schools to adopt experiential learning as mainstream education. STEAM programs are linked to current curriculum of st schools across various international & Indian boards. These programs help school develop 21 century skills in form of project-based learning, enquiry-based learning and through collaborative learnings.

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One Stop Solution

Since it’s a 360 degree solution to incorporate experiential learning in classrooms, Makebot provide all resources along with STEAM kits.

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Digital Curriculum

Specially design interdisciplinary curriculum, lesson plans, text books for children, teacher’s manual, worksheets, evaluation guide.

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Digital Content

Learn robotics, AI & IOT concept from anywhere. Smart class presentations, video-based content as reference, digital application to deploy and monitor STEAM content.

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We provide Makebot users with high-quality content for independent learning, education use, and entertainment. You can find multilingual textbooks, videos and a variety of new use cases.

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For individual students or on sharing basis, to be placed in ICT/STEAM lab. Makebot provides DIY Platform consisting of more than 500 parts. From single parts, to hardware kits and add-on packs.

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Students get direct entry into various national and world championship including International STEAM Premier League (ISPL) and MakeX World Robotic Competion.