Robotics In Schools

Makebot robots will perfectly meet the needs of both children and their educators.

Makebot meets the essentials to enter and advance in the world of graphical programming and electronics. It will allow many activities or lessons in class with a single product.

Makebot DIY robotic kits aid in gaining information for best outcomes which further help in high level of projects. Children will be very enthusiastic for preparing projects with ease and accuracy because of kits.

Makebot kits are the main source for creating devices without taking any help from someone.

Love for Science & Engineering

Through Makebot kits, teaching basic robotics to kids is an excellent way to foster a love for science and engineering that will grow with them as they get older.

Makebot kits for kids are a great way to introduce children to simple robotics engineering concepts. Robotics projects increase creativity, teach children how to follow directions, and the finished product gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

In a world where instant gratification is often the norm, having to put a little time and effort into “building your own Robo” will help kids to appreciate the knowledge they have and the mechanics behind them.

STEM education in Schools

STEM is an educational approach that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world application.
Given the current shortage of student interest in STEM education, increased attention has been given to the appeal and attraction of Robotics.

effective tool

Makebot robotics kits are an effective tool for project-based learning where STEM, coding, computer thinking and engineering skills are all integrated in one project.

integration with multiple disciplines

Makebot robotics is rich with opportunities to integrate not only STEM but multiple disciplines such as:
Giving opportunity to find new ways to work together to encourage collaboration skills.
Express themselves using the technological tool.
Problem-solving, and think critically and innovatively.