Creative Education

Much unlike previous generations, children today are growing up in a world where digital technology like cell phones, computers and even toys are deeply embedded into their daily lives. Parents seek an alternative to move these tech savvy kids from playing on tablets or smartphones to something more creative and educational.

STEM based Education

Makebot DIY kits provide Stem based education for kids which helps them understand the basic fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It also introduces kids to basic level programming and sharpens their logical ability.

‘Do It Yourself’ robotic kit.

Makebot provides a solution to this ‘Angry Birds’ generation by introducing a Do It Yourself Robotic Kit. It aims to be the right teacher to help kids improve observation, gain hands-on practice ability, improve their problem finding and solving skills, cultivate creativity and imagination and improve their ability to think and learn.

Robotics at an early age

Introducing children to robotics at an early age creates a fascination for the subject – it’s just fun for them to see a robot which can be programmed and controlled through an iPad. As they get older, at around the age of 6 years, they can be introduced to the programming. Their minds are ready to put simple steps together. Eventually, complexity increases – there are multiple motors, multiple sensors and more complex programming.

How your kid perceive a robot?