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Makeblock Laserbox

Laserbox :Smart desktop laser cutter

Specially designed for education and creation, Laserbox reimagines and redefines laser operating performance by the use of a high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera together with AI visual algorithm. The machine can auto-identify any official material and then set up the cutting-engraving parameters accordingly. Being a revolutionary laser machine defining operation through hand-drawing, Laserbox makes laser creation easy and fun!

Bring sketch to Life, working with lasers made simple

Featuring the AI visual algorithm, Laserbox can follow the pattern drawn on the piece of material and programme the laser pathway automatically, and no operating software required! Just cut or engrave at the click of a button!

Laserbox can process dozens of different materials, including paper, corrugated paper, wood, acrylic, cloth, leather, base plate, ABS-based color board, PET, rubber, glass fiber, plastic, corian, and etc.

Product Features
  • Visual operation, cut or engrave where you want

  • 5 MP ultra-wide-angle camera

  • Image extraction

  • Smart path planning

  • Check progress in real time

  • Three autofocus modes

  • Custom parameters

  • Three image processing filters

  • Smart smoke purifier

  • Early-warning system

  • Safety certification