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Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky AI & IoT

Codey Rocky combines hardware with software, allowing children to learn about programming while they play and create. Using mBlock, a software which supports both blocked-based and Python programming, Codey Rocky takes children by their hands and leads them into the world of avant-garde technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities, giving them a competitive edge in the AI era.

AGE: 6+ Years
Programming as simple as playing blocks

Codey Rocky, is a treasure trove of fun for you with over 10 electronic modules including sound sensor, light sensor and an LED dot matrix display. It displays the magic of STEAM learning and the objective is to create a road map for you that combines experiential learning with hardware knowledge and fundamental STEAM principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Using mBlock software which supports block based programming, Codey Rocky takes you to a world of technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities giving a competitive edge in the AI era. It helps you to experience learning and develop logical and problem solving skills. Through a lucid process of gamified learning you get an exposure to technological exploration and logical experimentation.

Product Features
  • Introduction to coding

  • Flowcharts & Algorithm

  • Game Design

  • Machine – Human Interaction

  • Real Life Program Solving

  • Mini Projects

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